q-ball energetics

de activatie

Hoe worden Q-balls geactiveerd?

Het letterlijke antwoord van de Pleiadiërs: 

"They activate by touch. It’s as simple as that. As soon as you touch a Q-ball it will start to interact with your bio electric consciousness field, assessing your energetic wiring and scanning for imbalances or ‘low points of reception’ where you have limited your capacity to receive whatever it is that would benefit your Being. Based on this assessment, the Q-ball will start to introduce its balancing properties in tune with your current state of being and will finetune this process as you continue to find new and more harmonized states of balance, awareness and equilibrium. As a result, the Q-ball equilibrium device will grow stronger, become more personalized and more effective the more you keep in touch with it, literally. It is the only device so far that - instead of introducing a frequency range you can resonate with and can get used to - will attone to your entire state of being and keep introducing new invitations to reach higher levels of balance, equilibrium and awareness as you grow along the way."