q-ball energetics

hoe werkt het?

Hoe werkt het?

De letterlijke boodschap van de Pleiadiërs. Omdat deze boodschappen ook een energetische boodschap bevatten is er gevraagd om deze niet te vertalen naar het Nederlands.

'Q-balls are charged in a personal grid that has been built  in the course of many years. By spreading to different people and places they create a network of portals of thirteen dimensional energy and state of being. Everytime a person touches a Q-ball or when one is placed somewhere new openings are created working to an ever extending network of fully functional energy portals. Furthermore, by every human touch or contact with a plant, space or tree, the experience of the thirteenth dimension itself changes, grows and transforms as everything in the Universe grows and expands all the time. There is nothing static about reality unless you choose it to be. Even this description and the energy it transmits evolves and changes all the time, sending you a different message from a different perspective at any given moment. Q-ball Infinite Equilibrium Remembrance Devices therefore invites you to join this dance of ever changing and evolving life on its course to ever higher states of joy, fulfillment, love, awareness, balance, fun and whatever you want it to be.'